About 40 et 8

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The Forty and Eight was founded in 1920 by American veterans returning from France. Voiture 99 of Vancouver, WA. was chartered in 1922. Originally an arm of the American Legion, the Forty and Eight became an independent and separately incorporated veteran’s organization in 1960. Membership is by invitation to honorably discharged veterans and serving members of the United States Armed Forces.You can learn more about Voiture 99 at www.voiture-99.com. If you’re interested in becoming a member email bhauser1952@msn.com

The titles and symbols of the Forty and Eight reflect its First World War origins. American soldiers were transported to the battle front on French trains within boxcars stenciled with a “40/8, denoting its capacity to hold either forty men or eight horses. This uncomfortable mode of transportation was familiar to all who fought in the trenches; a common small misery among American Soldiers who thereafter found “40/8” a lighthearted symbol of a deeper service, sacrifice and unspoken horrors of war that bind all who have born the battle.

Community Support

The philanthropic work of the 40 et 8 is felt in all corners of the Clark County Community. Thanks to 40 et 8 BINGO millions of dollars in revenue have been returned to the community through programs such as:


Box Car Association

Carville Star

Charles W. Ardery Memorial Child Welfare Trust Fund

George B. Boland Nurses Training Scholarship Trust Fund


Scouting Programs

Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service

Youth Scholarships

Youth Sports Programs