Congratulations to our Queen of Hearts Winner!

He took home $3,535.

A new Queen of Hearts game started April 22, 2017!!
Game 3 Pot starts at $2,000.
As of May 18, 2017 the pot is $2,166.
Tickets are $1.00.
Pot starts at $2000 (up from $500!)
Queen= Entire value of pot
Joker= was, $20 NOW $50
Facecard or ACE= was, $10, NOW $30
All other cards= were, $5, NOW $20

Due to the Hazel Dell Parade, Bingo Sessions 1 and 2 will be closed. Our Staff members will be riding in the parade on the 40 et 8 Loci. Join us for session 3 at our regularly scheduled time.

Triple Number Jackpot of $10,000 was won by “Christine” on 04/23/2017
Pick 8 evening’s Jackpot is at $6,000 in 20 numbers.
Questions, Call Nicole Hawkins at (360) 574-8461, email her at, or simply Contact Us with any questions.


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Maybe a fundraiser for your organization? We have a lot to offer, including food options and even bingo! Call Nicole Hawkins at (360) 574-8461, email her at, or simply Contact Us with any questions.


Spin The Wheel is back!!

But with a lil twist. It will be added to the end of one of the blackouts, Sunday evenings only. Single winners will get the chance to Spin the Wheel for a lil extra, ranging from snack bar items to money.
Top money prize is $500!
Call us with any questions.  360-574-8461


The Queen of Hearts game is at 40et8 Bingo!

A game board containing a standard fifty-two cards plus two Jokers placed face down with the Queen of Hearts as the Jackpot Card. Tickets will be $1.00 each, with no limit on the number of tickets purchased.  YOU  DO NOT need to be present to win. The more tickets that are sold, the bigger the pot will get each week!

The Queen of Hearts drawing will occur every Saturday, session 3, at the end of Game 17.

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