Big Changes to the Session Times and Payouts. Check the Calendar for Updates.!!!
Triple Number Jackpot of $10,000 was won by “Christine” on 04/23/2017
Pick 8 evening’s $6000 Jackpot was won on 10/13/2017 it’s reset to $1,000 in 20 numbers.
Questions, Call Nicole Hawkins at (360) 574-8461, email her at, or simply Contact Us with any questions.


Spin The Wheel is back!!

But with a lil twist. It will be added to the end of one of the blackouts, Sunday evenings only. Single winners will get the chance to Spin the Wheel for a lil extra, ranging from snack bar items to money.
Top money prize is $500!
Call us with any questions.  360-574-8461


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